Наш черный список / Our black list

It’s really and very important! Attention, please!!!

Please, read this , if you want to see a more information – please, write to me a PM -and, i send to you all files about this.
I sent a my kitten – LYNX STANDART Kamelia to Denmark, to Tanja Trillinsgaard .And, Tanja must send to me a money for kitten – and from moment shipping kitten to her – i not see a money for my kitten! Tanja must send to me a 645 euro. LYNX STANDART Kamelia – not have a legal documents (her pedigree number and blank for her pedigree = just paper and that’s all).


I wrote to Tanja many more times – she delete me from friends, she closed her Facebook page from me – she not send to me a money for my kitten! I wait a long time. Tanja – i will write this again and again about you! You – very bad person. Everyone – write to me, i send to everyone all my messages with Tanja Trillinsgaard.

She deceives people! She sells animals through the Facebook. It’s a really bad person. Attention, please!!!
в 2012 году из нашего питомника была отправлена кошка породы Курильский бобтейл – LYNX STANDART Kamelia. Котенка отправили в Данию/Denmark. Новой владелицей была произведена оплата ее доставки карго из Москвы в Данию.Все. Обещанного платежа за самого котенка так и не поступило. Читайте!

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